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Since 2011, Local and Sustainable is the name of our game


98% less water than conventional farms

Water is a precious resource and we take that seriously. Hydroponic farming in a closed system allows ultimate control over water usage and recycling, with no run-off or erosion polluting waterways.

artesian_farm_horizontal_stack small.jpg

96% less space than conventional farms

Our farm grows UP – utilizing the vertical plane far more efficiently than greenhouses do. By using a formerly abandoned building, we allow precious soil resources to remain intact as natural spaces for biodiversity to flourish.

And we harvest up to 17 times a year, far more often than a traditional farm!


Our carbon footprint is far more environmentally friendly compared to traditional farming methods.

Our energy sources are renewable and carbon neutral, we recycle water and have very low emissions. We grow and deliver LOCALLY, reducing emissions while delivering a fresher product.

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